Community Vision

Global Business Development

 Sustainable Business Development Through Corporate Partnerships

Becoming a Community Vision Corporate Partner

Step 1:   Analysis of a corporate alliance requires collaboration between parties. Mutual disclosure of appropriate corporate information is essential.  Ideally this should lead to a trust between parties and then an agreement to go forward. Community Vision is seeking agreement terms with partners that outlines the importance of the community benefits. Our focus will be to reach financial viability with all ventures.

Project/Business Partnership

Step 2:   Based on a favourable high level analysis and both Local and  Regional Government approvals, Community Vision will enter into partnerships with companies and stake holders. Our goal is to create corporate structures that will share in  both the equity and risk of new ventures

Project/Business Implementation

Step 3:   Drawing from Community Vision's Internationally recognized Project Associates, a detailed Master Plan will be generated and implemented.


Check out this video about Corporate Social Responsibility in Croatia


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Current Projects

Hotel Site

  • Croatia    

Agricultural-Tourism Site

  • Croatia

Resort/Entertainment Site

  • Colombia

Large Commercial Zoned Development Site

  • Croatia

Prefabricated Modular Home Company Expansion

  • Croatia, Colombia, Germany